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Women Will Best Succeed on their Own

by Carolyn Elefant on October 3, 2005 · 1 comment

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Funny contrast in this week’s news.  This article, How Women Can Develop Business, National Law Journal (9/29/05) bemoans that women at large firms have it tough when it comes to business development, citing obstacles like lack of effective mentoring and  difficulty of striking a manageable work-life balance.  (The article does offer many useful suggestions for women to build a portfolio of business)

Yet that same week, I came across this article, Building a Better Law Firm, Smart Money (9/29/05) about the fabulous success of former biglaw attorney and mom of two girls, Joanne Sternlieb.  After a decade at a prominent New York firm and a part time position as an estate planner at a large trust company, Sternleib started her own firm that handles wills, trusts and other estate planning matters.  What’s more, Sternleib has four former biglaw associates working for her firm part time as independent contractors as well as two legal assistants and a law clerk.  Right now, she’s making half of what she did as a firm, but it sounds like she’s working half the time – and running her own ship.

Which route sounds better to you?

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    “Women Will Best Succeed on their Own”

    Posted by Carolyn Elefant: ?unny contrast in this week’s news. This article, How Women Can Develop Business, National Law Journal

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