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FREE Webinar on Branding an Image for Attorneys

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A few days ago, I wrote about the
value of marketing
.  Since then, I Iearned about a free webinar called
The Power of Branding and Image for Attorneys.  The
webinar, which will take place on
Thursday, June 8 at 2 p.m. EST, will be presented by Mark Merenda of
Smart Marketing and
sponsored by Legal Research & Writing Pro, a new venture from my friend Lisa Solomon.

As Mark says, “Branding and Image are
frustrating topics for attorneys since they cost money and show no measurable
rate of return:
nobody ever says “I
hired you because of your brochure.” Yet, branding and image are terribly
important, for two reasons: (1) Your product is invisible, and when the product
is invisible, the package is the product; and (2) your clients are not qualified
to judge your services. They can’t tell the difference between and A-plus
attorney and a C-minus attorney. They are going to have to make up their minds
on some other basis. Nothing will affect them more than appearances. (Plus, a
dirty little secret: having a sophisticated image will allow you to charge
To register for the webinar, go to
Lisa has advised me that the
teleconference interface is not Mac compatible.  However, this is a
great opportunity to get together with a colleague who has a Windows machine, or
you can purchase a program like VirtualPC.  Whether you are participating
from you office or a colleague’s, you can have as many people in the room
with you at the time of the webinar as you would like.
Legal Research & Writing Pro will be sponsoring additional free
webinars in the future, and I’ll announce them here.