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21st Century Retainer Agreement, Second Time Around – Sept. 6

by Carolyn Elefant on August 10, 2012 · 3 comments

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The 21st Century Retainer Agreement is making a comeback September 6.  For $49, you get a 75 minute webinar, slide deck and recording plus an 80 page ebook (including lots of ethics research), along with a 100 page appendix with forms (PDF and word), samples and more.  Here’s what the See the Fee Chapter in the Ebook covers:

1. Ethics considerations with flat fees and advances:

  • Do flat fees go into operating account (earned on receipt) or into trust account (earned after work is done)?
  • Is a flat fee or retainer fee non-refundable?
  • When is a flat fee unreasonable?

2. Dealing with ethics constraints of flat fees:

  • The Milestone approach to retainer fees (or how to get paid along the way if flat fees must go into the trust account)
  • What NOT to say in a flat fee arrangement

(includes sample language)

3.  Other alternative fees (and sample language):

  • reverse contingency
  • phased flat fees
  • subscription service agreements
  • barter arrangements
  • Groupon/daily deal retainer provisions

Again – that’s just the content in one chapter!

To sign up for the program and see a longer description, click here.

  • Catherine Tucker

    Carolyn:  I seem to recall that the Webinar was available as an on demand program somewhere,  Is that right, or am I just imaging that?  Thanks.

  • myshingle

    Yes, you can purchase the web link and ebook. Right now we are cleaning up the final product but it should be good to go by early next week

  • LDLike

    Is the on demand program still in process?

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