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TechShow Wine & Dine Offline

March 29, 2013 by Carolyn Elefant

My co-author Nicole Black and I will be at TechShow this year, and as in past years, we’ve organized a dinner for Friday, April 5, to get together with our online colleagues and friends whom we’ve never met or don’t have a chance to see very often in person.  If you’d like to attend, there’s […]

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Last Call for Techshow Superpass – and MyShingle Vendor Meetings at Techshow

March 21, 2013 by Carolyn Elefant

Even though it includes CLE as part of the admission fee, the ABA’s annual  TechShow  can still be pricey. To help mitigate the costs, for the past few years, Legal Typist   Andrea Cannavina (who’s also speaking this year) has formed SuperPass groups to secure huge volume discounts for attendees. Andrea is organizing groups again this […]

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Celebrating A Decade At MyShingle

December 10, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

Ten years ago yesterday, I pushed the “enter” key and launched on to the World Wide Web.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I fell in love with the medium and my solo/small beat so I just couldn’t stop.  But this blog has been so much more than just a place to write […]

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21st Century Retainer – Last Call for 2012

December 10, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

Last call for the 21st century retainer agreement, scheduled for its final run on December 18, 2012. Register here – The $49 fee is an amazing value, with a webinar and ebook and 14 pages of contract clauses included – but as a gift to readers and in celebration of MyShingle’s upcoming 10th Anniversary, […]

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My Shingle Gift Guide

December 7, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

It’s December, the month in which a blogger’s fancy turns to holiday gift guides.  Last month, Reid Trautz published his 8th Annual Holiday Gift Guide, but you’ll find more ideas at Allison Shields’Legal Ease  gift guide  and tech-focused suggestions at Niki Black’s Sui Generis and a round-up of links to gift ideas by Jim Calloway. […]

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Blawger Hall of Fame

November 27, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

What do you do with someone who’s blogged nearly a decade and been nominated for ABA Top 100 Blawg Contest for six years straight without ever coming remotely close to winning the category? Stick her along with nine other guys (and yes, they really all are guys) in the Blawg 100 Hall of Fame.  That’s what […]

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Art, Science & Ethics of 21st Century Retainer – Sign Up Today!

November 19, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

21st Century Retainer Agreement from Carolyn Elefant Attached is my slide deck for a presentation that I gave on retainer agreements at the MSBA Solo Day Conference this past weekend.  The slide deck offered just a tip of the iceberg of the all of the topics covered in the full blown webinar, not to mention […]

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College of Law Practice Management

October 29, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

This past weekend, I was excited and honored to be inducted as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management . I spent some time with my buddy Ed Poll  who’s been hammering the point that law is a business before many of today’s futurists were even born.  Ever insightful, Ed asked one of […]

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To the ABA – Tear Down the Pay Wall that Keeps Ethics Opinions From Seeing the Light Of Day (Sign My petition)

October 19, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

If you thought that aggressive enforcement of copyright was only for the RIAA, think again.  The ABA is just as intent about enforcing copyright interests in its ethics opinions. But whether you agree with the RIAA’s tactics or not, at least its copyright enforcement activity is intended to protect RIAA’s constituents; artists, musicians and record […]

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A Bit of A Break & Crowdsourcing Request

September 25, 2012 by Carolyn Elefant

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking a brief break. Between an out of town hearing last week, Jewish holidays, my younger daughter’s upcoming bat-mitzvah this weekend, a touch of writing block and most critically, a terrible cold, I just can’t muster the energy to post.  I’ll be back up and […]

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