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The Asking Bird Catches the Worm, er, Client

April 12, 2007 by Carolyn Elefant

I’m not sure how I overlooked this gem that Dan Hull of What About Clients which asks why are lawyers so shy when it comes to asking for work.  In Hull’s experience, his pitch to clients, which concludes with “we’d love to work with you.  How can I win or earn your business” typically wins […]

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Striking It Rich by Striking Out on Your Own

April 5, 2007 by Carolyn Elefant

Thanks to a tip from a sharp eyed reader, here’s a link to a story that I overlooked: The Secrets of Million Dollar Solos, (GM Filisko and Meg Tebo, ABA Journal 3/29/07) that features four solos running million dollar practices. There’s much that other solos and the legal profession generally can learn from these four […]

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The Best Reason Not To Believe The “Experts”

November 5, 2006 by Carolyn Elefant

Over at Lex Blog, Kevin O’Keefe posts about some of the negative reaction to his earlier discussion about how younger lawyers are using MySpace for advertising.  Seems that some marketing experts don’t find MySpace a sufficiently dignified or suitable marketing tool. While I find much value in the advice that practice management advisors and experts […]

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Huge News for Solos: Wanna Be Bought Out By Skadden? Now you can!

April 30, 2006 by Carolyn Elefant

Last week, Larry Bodine posted here on a New Jersey ethics ruling that allows a law firm to own another law firm as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  I haven’t had time to read the decision closely or focus on the implications, which I believe are mixed, but here is Larry’s view on what the decision could […]

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More on Why Niches Are Delicious

January 19, 2006 by Carolyn Elefant

As I pointed out in this earlier post, finding a niche can help grow your practice.  And, as Tom Kane pointed out months ago (don’t know how I missed it), a niche can help a solo survive in the big city.  And now, there’s yet another article, Finding a Niche (Jan. 2006) that describes how […]

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Finding a Niche

January 16, 2006 by Carolyn Elefant

This month’s buzz word must be “niche marketing,” (see here for my earlier posts on interesting niches).  Last Thursday, I listened in on the Nader Anise teleconference that I posted about here last week.  The mystery guest was The Pet Lawyer, Molly Gaussa and the focus of the call was Niche Marketing (Nader is offering […]

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New Business for Women and Minority Owned Solos & Small Firms

December 20, 2005 by Carolyn Elefant

If you’re a women or minority owned solo or small law firm, there’s some new opportunities for you described in this Press Release.  According to the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), many major corporations have announced an initiative to increase utililization of minority and women owned firms – and have […]

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A Marketing Blog to Follow

October 14, 2005 by Carolyn Elefant

This blog, Duct Tape Marketing looks like a great addition for your daily feeds.  I especially like Jill Konrath’s channel, Selling to Big Companies.  Why?  Well, most resources for solos tell us ways to pick up individual clients or small businesses.  Nothing wrong with that, of course; I’m proud that we solo and small firm […]

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