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Overkill for a Missed Hearing

February 25, 2006 by Carolyn Elefant

Seems like this judge overreacted by sentencing an attorney to 60 days in jail for missing a court appearance (notwithstanding that he’d explained his absence) – as reported in this article, Judge Mulls Over Missed Court Date – In Jail (ABA E-report 2/24/06).  It’s not clear from the article what exactly made this judge so […]

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Wouldn’t You Love A Ruling Like This?

June 13, 2005 by Carolyn Elefant

Wouldn’t you love a ruling like this one where the judge determines that you’ve underbilled and bumps your fees up fourfold? 

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Would You Apologize to Save Your Career?

April 8, 2005 by Carolyn Elefant

Here’s a bit of sad piece from AP (4/8/05)  on Lawyer Refuses to Apologize to Judge, Goes  to Jail.  Though details of the incident are sketchy, the article brought this question to my mind:  would you apologize when you don’t believe you were wrong to save your legal career? According to the article, an Ohio […]

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Lawyer Sanctioned for Disclosing What A Judge Should Have

February 15, 2005 by Carolyn Elefant

Here’s another outrageous story of judicial heavyhandedness.  This story,  Attorneys Sanctioned for Representing Client’s Challenges of Judicial Ethics (Empire Journal 2/14/05).  According to the article, the New York Appellate Division, First Department sanctioned two New York attorneys (to the tune of $2000 and $250 respectively) for “frivolous conduct” when they argued that a judge who […]

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What’s the Solution When Judges Double-Book Solos?

December 1, 2004 by Carolyn Elefant

New York attorney Frederic Abramson of Law, Current Events and Culture asks here whether a judge’s refusal to postpone a jury trial notwithstanding that the attorney handling the case was already engaged in a conflicting trial in another jurisdiction.  Apparently, the judge refused a continuance even after Mr. Abramson, who was covering for his colleague […]

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