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Reasons to Solo

Stop Whining, Start Asking

January 5, 2005 by Carolyn Elefant

David Giacalone has this post on how law firm associates ought to start taking responsibility for their long hours rather than expecting the “powers-that-be” to do it for them.  David offers this qutoe by MCI counsel Anastasia Kellfrom a recent article in Washington Lawyer (Jan. 2005) (the D.C. Bar magazine) on The Tyranny of the […]

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More on the Flex Time Option

December 19, 2004 by Carolyn Elefant

Arnie Herz of Legal Sanity (a great blog, by the way, if you’re looking for more satisfaction as a lawyer) has a post about flex time options for attorneys and a link to this article from the Wisconsin Bar Journal.  I’ve always been a proponent of flexible schedules, particularly for attorneys with young children or […]

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