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Walter James, Environmental Counseling and Environmental Litigation

June 23, 2009 by Carolyn Elefant

Though you don’t find many solos practicing in areas like environmental law, that’s Walter D. James expertise.  Walter focuses his practice primarily on environmental counseling and environmental litigation, which includes civil enforcement and cost recovery litigation, criminal defense and toxic tort/property damage matters.  Though the law firm is located in Grapevine, Texas, the Firm’s practice […]

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MyShingle Profile: Jay Fleischman, New York Bankruptcy Lawyer

June 23, 2009 by Carolyn Elefant

The MyShingle profiles are an experimental feature here at MyShingle – to offer some insight into the careers of practicing solo and small firm attorneys, with questions on how they got their start to what gets them going in the morning.  My thanks to Jay Fleischman and Walter James (next post) for serving as guinea […]

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Shingular Sensation Scott Greenfield Wins Landmark Victory Protecting Lawyer Speech, With Help from the Blogosphere

June 15, 2009 by Carolyn Elefant

On June 9, 2009, New York solo and Simple Justice blogger Scott Greenfield won a unanimous, landmark ruling from the the New York Court of Appeals in Stern v. Bluestone, which ruled that unsolicited, informational faxes distributed by solo Andrew Lavoot Bluestone on legal malpractice issues do not violate the Telephone_Consumer_Protection_Act_of_1991 or the Junk Fax […]

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Be the Lawyer They’d Call for the $144 Million Dollar Matter

May 5, 2009 by Carolyn Elefant

Even though I practice in Washington D.C., I don’t know much about David Wilmot, the local attorney representing the 82 year old winner of a $144 million Power Ball jackpot.  (As an aside to the D.C. Bar, if it weren’t for Avvo listing lawyer in D.C., I wouldn’t have been able to hyperlink Wilmot’s name […]

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Anthony Colleluori: How I’ve Made A Difference Practicing Law, and How Being A Lawyer Changed My Perspective

January 22, 2009 by Carolyn Elefant

(reposted from That Lawyer Dude) I couldn’t wait for my first case. I was a brand new “Lawyer” in Hofstra University’s brand new Criminal Defense Clinic (we hadn’t taken the bar yet but we worked under a student practice order while supervised by an admitted attorney). I was getting a case load, a client or […]

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Alexis Martin Neely – Why What I’m Doing With My Law Degree Matters

January 22, 2009 by Carolyn Elefant

I went to law school to make a difference and really help people.   I graduated from law school in 1999, when the economy was having a party and law firms were fighting for the top law school graduates.  By the time I graduated, starting salaries had crept up to $135,000 per year and I graduated […]

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Whether By Choice or Necessity, They Took the Road Not Taken

September 23, 2008 by Carolyn Elefant

Some of us start law firms because we want to, others because we have no alternatives.  I was again reminded of this dichotomy by a pair of inspiring stories, here and here, about two successful shinglers, now in the twilight of their careers, who each started law firms at different times and under different circumstances, […]

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A Solo Blast from the Past: Professor Stephen Gillers and “I’d Rather Do It Myself”

July 6, 2008 by Carolyn Elefant

No one will understand the loneliness and fears.  Or when it comes, the exhilaration.  One morning in the second month, you may leave for work morbid and depressed.  You realize that you’re spending more time dreaming about clients than getting them.  You are sure you are headed for economic ruin.  But then, you return home […]

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Shingular Sensation Warren Caswell Has Mandatory Life Sentence Declared Unconstitutional and Reverses Conviction Based Solely on Hearsay

April 25, 2008 by Carolyn Elefant

Back in January, I created the Shingular Sensations series, intended to spotlight a significant victory or accomplishment by a solo.  Shingular Sensation posts are not vanity pieces, but rather, interviews that I carefully design to glean lessons to help other lawyers. This installment of the Shingular Sensation series belongs to Georgia solo, Warren Caswell.   Just […]

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Shingular Sensations Series: Small Firm Lawyer Andy Simpson Wins Half Million Dollar Verdict Against Nation’s Biggest Law Firm, USDOJ

January 21, 2008 by Carolyn Elefant

With this post, I’m inaugurating MyShingle’s new “Shingular Sensations” series.  Every week or two, I hope to interview a solo or a small firm lawyer who in one way or another represents the best that this genre has to offer.   But let me be clear – Singular Sensations is not a “self-promotional” series — through […]

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