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What’s Common to Car Dealers, Ad Men and Lawyers?

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Car dealers, advertisers and lawyers.  Results of a recent survey present these professions as the most unethical and dishonest as perceived by respondents and reported in this article, No Respect, Asbury Park Press (12/27/04).   By contrast, more than 70 percent of Americans gave nurses, grade school teachers, pharmacists and military officers high ethical marks.

  • “What’s Common to Car Dealers, Ad Men and Lawyers?”

    Carolyn Elefant posts: ?ar dealers, advertisers and lawyers. Results of a recent survey present these professions as the most unethical

  • Erwin Cornstuble

    Good morning barristers,
    From a purely personal perspective, one commonality of the three groups is the responsive chord among their customers.
    As this chord resonates, the melody of “I haven’t looked too closely at this product nor have I defined my goals with its use.” seems the constant refrain.
    Not considering myself an “ad man”, I routinely discuss the appropriateness of our program, the InjuryHelpLine, with sole practicioners and smallish firms who want to increase their personal injury practice caseload and revenue.
    My clients know what they are receiving, what value to expect, what effect it will have if used properly, and constant support achieving their goals.
    Given that “trust” is operationally defined as – knowing what to expect-
    I personally take exception to the narrow scope of the survey in question, particularly the methodology. Media, however, will reap the benefits of reinforcing the comfortable stereotype.
    PIP attorneys,please respond personally only if you feel compelled to and know that I may not respond to each personally.
    Thank you,
    Erwin Cornstuble

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