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To Martindale or Not To Martindale?

When I started my practice back in 1993, I paid for a real listing in Martindale-Hubbell (as opposed to the cheapie listing in the front blue plages) that I kept for four years. By 1997, I’d not gotten so much as a phone call from the listing.  Looking forward, I realized that my website (that…

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What’s Coming…

In the past few months, we’ve acquired some new readers who may not be aware that this site has been around for two years, not just the two months that the archives would indicate.  I am still working on bringing the old site on line, but if you’d like to take a look at what…

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I Am A Maven!

I am a maven.   I’m not so sure that it’s true, but it’s very cool, nonetheless.

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A Sanction That’s Deserved

As many of my readers know, I often find that the sanctions meted out by bar disciplinary committees to be either redundant or heavy-handed, such as punishing an attorney where he’s already been ordered to pay monetary sanctions by the court or sactioning an attorney for failing to apologize for an overly harsh criticism of…

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A Law Firm That’s Out of This World (at least, its fees are)

As lawyers, we all want our work to be regarded as “out of this world” – but just not in this way.   According to this article, South Gate Chases Legal Firms, LA Times (1/23/05),  a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, ruling that the law firm of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton had overcharged its municipal…

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Solo in Hawaii?

If you’re thinking of going solo, why not try Hawaii?  According to this article from the Pacific Business News (1/24/05),  It’s a good time to be a lawyer in Hawaii.

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How Much Can You Rely on What Your Client Tells You?

Even if you don’t practice criminal law, you should be interested in the U.S. Supreme Court’s eventual ruling in Rompilla v. Beard concerning ineffective assistance of counsel which was argued before the Court yesterday. (for details, see Justices Debate Lawyer Diligence in Capital Case, Tony Mauro, Washington Legal Times (1/19/05)).  As with Florida v. Nixon,…

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Tech Predictions for Solos and Small Firms

If Dennis Kennedy’s legal tech predictions for 2005 are true, it’s going to be a good year for solo and small firm lawyers to start taking advantage of legal technology, particularly those who aren’t doing it already.

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