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The Birth of Two New Practices and Weblogs

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One of the things that I love most about running MyShingle and writing my column for
Small Firm Business is that it’s put me in touch with dozens of readers – law students and practicing attorneys – who aspire to start a practice.  As much as I enjoy the stability of my practice now, there was nothing like the heady excitement of starting out, just me and  a handful of business cards and the home computer and the crazy belief that I would make it work, spinning a real business and actual dollars literally out of thin air.  Though I can’t go back to those early days, I can live vicariously through other lawyers and readers who contact me on the cusp of that journey.

If you want to share the excitement of the birth of a new practice, take a look at these two new weblogs, by Amy, an aspiring solo in the DC area and Greatest American Lawyer , who just announced his separation from his current law firm.  My best to both of them as they start on this exciting adventure…

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