Law Marketing Ezine

I’ve started reading Nader Anise’s marketing ezine.  I find Nader’s brashness about marketing quite refreshing.  So many law marketing experts pussyfoot around the need for marketing or give the same advice – network and join bar associations.  These are fine but you need to diversify your marketing efforts for a couple of reasons.  First, networking and bar association participation take a while to start generating business.  You may need to make a couple of follow ups or to organize several events before people get to know you and feel comfortable sending business.   But if you need cases now, you need to find other more aggressive approaches.  Second, I personally find constant networking – especially meet-and-greet happy hours and lunches – can become demoralizing after a point because you’re always chasing the source of business rather than having them chase you.   What I liked most so far about Nader’s approach is it’s far more proactive – he helps to find ways to make people come to you and encourages lawyers to choose their own path (as Nader did with billing rates) rather than following the herd mentality.   This year, I plan to implement some of Nader’s ideas and if you’re interested in trying a new approach as well, you can subscribe to his  ezine.  Just send an email to  and include:

1. The
name and email address for MyShingle (the referral source – and


    2. Your
name and email address

I’m not endorsing any of Nader’s products or services (except the free teleseminar which I found first rate) because I don’t know enough about them yet.  But I think that they are compelling and disinctinctive enough to warrant a look.  So let us know what you think.