AJ Levy of http://www.outoftheboxlawyering.com lists a bunch of libraries in several states (AK, MN, NV, NJ, NY, OH, TX and WA) where you can access Westlaw for free.  I was happy to learn about this resource though clearly, it’s cheaper for me to sign up for Westlaw on a per-search basis than to travel to New York to get it for free.  But even more, my same burning question remains:  why aren’t LEXIS and Westlaw free in every single law library in the country?  It’s not as if paying customers (like large law firms) will give up their LEXIS service because it’s free at a law school library.  Most lawyers enjoy the convenience of LEXIS on their desktop too much to travel to get it free.  The only people who’d benefit from free LEXIS and Westlaw are attorneys who don’t have the service to begin with – and the reason they don’t is because they can’t afford it.