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Westlaw is Free in Some Places – But Why Not Everywhere?

AJ Levy of lists a bunch of libraries in several states (AK, MN, NV, NJ, NY, OH, TX and WA) where you can access Westlaw for free.  I was happy to learn about this resource though clearly, it’s cheaper for me to sign up for Westlaw on a per-search basis than to travel to…

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Ever Have A Case That Wouldn’t End? It’s Not Your Fault…

Imagine the joy of Maureen Graves, an Orange County attorney who works alone out of her garage when she learned this news. (Fresno Bee, 1/17/05).  Seven years ago, Graves took a case on behalf of special education student Robert Moser for no fee because she thought it would be easily won or settled.  She was…

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The Solo Blog That Never Was

Evan Schaeffer of Legal Underground has this entertaining post on Anonymous Solo, the weblog on the day-to-day life of a solo that never quite got off the ground.

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From Regulatory Biglaw Attorney to Cutting Edge Reproduction Specialist

What you may want to know upfront is that this article, Fatherhood by a New Formula, Sandra Boodman, Washington Post (1/18/05) isn’t really about small firm attorneys.  Rather, it’s more about a growing trend of gay men who are becoming dads using egg donors and a gestational surrogate.  But in the course of reading the…

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A2J Project

This article, Internet Attorney:  More Than Pro Se, New Factor Network (1/17/05) reports on the Chicago-Ken College of Law’s Access to Justice (A2J) program that includes a sophisticated computer system for pro se litigants to file complaints and pleadings.  But it also includes other toosl such as a “Logic Learner” that teaches litigants how to…

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Big Firm Partners: Not Much More Than Small Time Employees

Big firm partnership.  In many legal circles, big firm partnerships are regarded as the brass ring, the peak of the legal mountain.  Law students dream of them, young associates sacrifice their personal lives to 80 hour work weeks to vie for them while even federal judges leave the bench for them, succumbing to the temptation…

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Hot Practice Area Alert

This month’s issue of Law Practice Management (Jan/Feb 2005) contain’s Robert Denney’s annual Trends Report:  What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession. Topping the list of hot practice areas are employment law, IP and contingency litigation (though not for personal injury, which is cool due to tort reform legislation).   Also hot, but less…

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7 Ways Practice Management will Help You Get a Head Start in 2018

When you’re able to accomplish more in less time, everyone wins. Your clients will get more for each billable hour they invest in you, and you’ll make more money. A lot more. Consider this: If a lawyer, who charges $365 an hour (the median rate for a consumer law attorney[1]), bills one extra hour per week, they will earn an additional $18,980 annually.