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Elder Law – A Niche Practice

Matt Homann at The Nonbillable Hour had this recent post about the potentially emerging field of Retirement Services (which might range from errand running services for older people, consulting on new career opportunities and fund management and legal services) to address the needs of the country’s older population.  Along those lines, here’s an article, Elder Law Is Soaring as Boomers Age, Erica Sagon, Arizona Republic (2/22/05) that discusses the fast growing field of elder law.  As the article reports:

Elder lawyers, as they are called, are among the fastest-growing groups of legal specialists.The reason: In the coming decades, more than 70 million baby boomers will flood the legal system. The rapid rise of the elderly population will bring about a surge in issues involving guardianship, conservatorship and planning for long-term care. Other cases involve financial exploitation and negligence and abuse at nursing homes.

Attorneys will handle many clients who seek out attorneys on behalf of their aging parents.

Elder lawyers should expect their caseload to multiply, said Laury Gelardi, president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, based in Tucson.

“There is going to be more work than all the attorneys together can handle,” Gelardi said.

In particular, Arizona is described as “a hotbed” for elder law because of its reputation as a destination for retirees.  But even if you don’t practice in a state like Arizona or Florida, with a large senior population, investigating elder care law as a practice area may prove worth your while.