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Dennis Kennedy Sees Prospects for Small Firm and Solo Lawyers Better Than Ever

With so many large firms starting to jump on the blog bandwagon, I often feel discouraged about the prospects for solo and small firm lawyers’ ability to keep up.  After all, though we may be experts in our practice area and have knowlege to share, we simply don’t have the associate manpower of a larger shop.  Dennis Kennedy has put many of my concerns to rest in this post, Is There Still room for Small Firm or Solo Lawyer Blogs? Dennis comments that in the blog world, personality and voice account for much – and solo and small firm lawyers have more latitude to let personality shine through than at the larger shops.  Also, Dennis notes that many large firm blogs have a tendency to post many times a day, thus inundating readers without selecting content.  This detracts from the blog’s value.  Finally, Dennis isn’t convinced that large firm blogs are here to stay any more than the last trend, the quarterly newsletter.  Dennis offers plenty of other observations, so be sure to read his actual post on this topic if you’re thinking about diving into the blogosphere.