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October marks the Supreme Court’s return to the bench after summer recess.  But for the past four years, it’s also marked the Supreme Court group admission of roughly thirty solo attorney from all over the country and members of the ABA’s Solosez listserve.  The group event was devised by Maryland solo, Terry Berger who continues to organize it each year.  ABA Journal writer Meg Tebo describes the 2004 swearing in ceremony in this article, Admit One, ABA Journal (February 2005).

I  was fortunate enough to be part of the first group admission back in October 2001.  The experience of meeting my fellow solos from all over the country and standing a few feet before the nine justices for the swearing in gave me a sense of belonging to both the lineage of attorneys who took that oath before me and to the “firm” of solos standing beside me.  (of course, I should note that despite these warm feelings, I did cringe during the swearing in itself because I could hear my then two year old, who’d been banned from the chamber, screaming audibly all the way down the hallway)  Even if you think that you may never argue a case before the Supreme Court, if you should experience the in person swearing in process if you ever have the opportunity.