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Here’s a news item about the Law School Consortium.  It’s a program that recognizes the role that solo and small firm lawyers play in meeting the legal needs of the poor – and provides support for those who choose that route:

[CUNY Program Director Fred] Rooney calls this Low Bono legal assistance. By joining forces, he says
attorneys can save time and money – savings they can then pass on to
their clients. More than 200 graduates have joined the network since it
started in 1998 with private grants. They can take classes on running a
small business. They get access to legal research tools over the
internet which many of them couldn’t otherwise afford. And they can
take their required continuing legal education courses at the law
school campus in Queens.

For those starting a practice or who hope to serve low income clients, it may be worthwhile to check the Law School Consortium website to see if there’s a program near you.

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