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Here are a couple of first hand accounts on going solo:  The First Year, a short blog post by patent attorney Russ Kraject (4/17/05) and Hanging Out A Shingle:  Following the Dream of Starting Your Own Firm, Jaime Levy Pessin reprinted from Law Bulletin at the Legal Match Weblog (3/16/05).

  • anonymous

    where does a newly-minted attorney w/out any experience find out about legal-malpractice insurance?
    i’ve been having difficulty finding employment and have been contemplating starting my own law practice.
    is it hard to get insured at a reasonable price if you have no experience?

  • Patent Attorney

    Thanks for the phenomenal blog. I do want to clarify one point in this statement. The first person you referred to is a patent AGENT, not ATTORNEY. The Patent Office allows non-lawyers to practice before it if they pass the bar exam and meet other criteria.

  • Patent Attorney

    Re: the insurance question:
    Try your friendly neighborhood bar association. They often sell insurance as a benefit. Also, talk to attorneys in your practice area about where they buy their own insurance. I suspect that the cost depends on practice area, geography, etc. as well as experience level.

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