This sad story, Lawyer, 35, Dies After Winning Swimming Race, New York Lawyer (5/5/05) drives home the importance of following one’s dream.  The article reports that Brendon Wen, a young attorney and solo criminal practitioner, died of heart failure after winning a masters race with his best time ever.  But the article also described Wen’s career, how he left an established law firm in 2001 to start his own solo criminal practice where he tried 40 cases because he “missed the rough-and-tumble of criminal cases,” a colleague said (Wen had previously been a  public defender).  What if he’d never left?

What mark do you want to leave in the law?  What kind of lawyer do you want to be remembered as?  And is your present career taking you in that direction?  We should never think it’s too early, or get too busy to ponder these questions – because we never know how much time we’ll have to fulfill our dreams.