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You Never Know When You Just Might Start Your Own Law Firm

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To my readers who visit this site and dream of starting a law firm but are precluded from doing so because of your present circumstances,  one’s for you.  Because it’s never too late, as this article, More Lawyers Flee Megafirms, National Law Journal (5/31/05) suggests.  Though the bulk of the article reports on large firm lawyers opting for a smaller firm, the article closes with mention of a 49 year old biglaw attorney ready to hang a shingle:

Also making a major career change from big-firm life is
Andrea Wirum, 49, who is in the process of leaving 900-attorney
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman to start her own practice in San
Francisco as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee and a mediator. Wirum
served as a member of the firm’s managing board during the merger
between Pillsbury Winthrop, originally based in San Francisco, and
335-attorney Shaw Pittman in Washington, and supported the deal, she
said. But the time has come to hang her own shingle.

“You reach a point in life where you want to give something else a try,” she said.

There may never be a perfect time to start a law firm, but some periods
of one’s life are more optimal than others.  Even if now’s not right,
keep reading MyShingle and keep that possibility in mind.  When the day
comes, you’ll be ready.

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