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Why Sponsorship on Is Not Worth $900/Month

Apparently, LexisNexis-Martindale haven’t heard of the Internet.  Because if they had, they wouldn’t be hoping to trade in on their name-recognition to lawyers and charge $900 a month for a national sponsorship service available on their data base as reported here in Courts Legal Marketers, ClickZ News (5/17/05).  The article reports that: LexisNexis…

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What’s Wrong With Linking to News Articles About Ethics Violations?

This article, Lawyer vs. Lawyer Over Web Site, ABA e-report (5/13/05)  reports on a lawsuit by one New York personal injury law firm where the firm Moran & Kufta of Rochester posted a headline with a hyperlink on its Web site that told readers that Cellino & Barnes, with offices in Buffalo and Rochester, was…

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Top Ten for Marketing – and Other Unique Ideas

This article, The Lesson is to Network, Business Week (5/13/05) is geared for small businesses generally and not solos specifically, but the ideas are equally applicable.  Here are two of my favorite suggestions from Nancy Michaels in this interview-style article: Q: What are some marketing essentials? A: If you can only have two things I’d…

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Get Yourself Some Visibility -With A Bicycle

Greatest American Lawyer has another great law practice idea:    using a bike to get around town for lunch meetings and errands.  Not only does a bike add some exercise to our otherwise sedentary days, but as GAL rights, it’s a way to gain visibility and stand out from the crowd. GAL’s post is also…

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New MyShingle – still some glitches

Some readers have been reporting some glitches in viewing MyShingle – either the site does not render correctly or has two top bars in certain browsers.  Try clearing cache and/or cookies and view again.  If it’s still not working, send me an email or comments below with a description of the problem and the browser…

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MyShingle FINALLY Gets A Facelift

Well readers, the day is finally here:  The facelift for is finally complete.  Readers can finally access our OnLine Guide and pre-November 2004 archives (menu, upper left column), enjoy reading stories without endlessly scrolling through long narrow columns and navigate a page that’s fresh looking and properly aligned.  Todd Chatman (a law student who…

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Calling All Solos With Websites and Blogs

In honor of MyShingle’s grand redesign, we want to create a separate blogroll of solo and small firm websites and weblogs.  If you’re a solo or small firm blogger or have a website, send your link to me and I’ll post it in my "Other Shingler’s List."  I’m hoping the list will serve the dual…

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Redesign in Progress

If you are noticing some strange looking things at, as well as a slowdown in posts, it’s because a redesign is underway.  We should be fully launched within the next 24 hours so please come back soon…

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200 Hours a Year Separate the Best Firms from the Rest – AI Can Bridge the Gap Fast

What separates very successful from unsuccessful law firms is merely 200 hours per year.  Consider the findings of the Thomson Reuters State of U.S. Small Law Firms 2017 Study which reveals that to achieve 1,800 billable hours a year.