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Some Solo Nostalgia

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Fellow small firm lawyer and former solo, David Leffler takes readers on a trip in the Solo Time Machine (GPSolo Magazine – June 2005), revisiting key moments in the history of the Internet.  David recalls 1995 – the first year that he put an email address on his stationary (I put email on my business cards back in 1994) and how he began using email to deliver documents to clients rather than fax (email transmission became de rigeur for me in early 1997 when I started doing per diem work for a local attorney).  In 1997 and 1998, David wrote articles for the New York Law Journal on useful websites for lawyers and one piece on securities law was cited in a Senate subcommittee report.

Go and read David’s piece to find out more about how the Internet changed the practice of law for him – and legal practice continues to evolve as new technologies emerge.

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