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4 p.m. – Another Reason that I Love Solo Practice

At four p.m., my workday ends , at least until late at night.  Four p.m. is when I leave the house to pick up my daughters, nearly 6 and 9 from the bus stop around the corner.  I walk them home and we talk about their day.  The older one generally blurts out a million…

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Cincinnati Law Library Adds New Benefits

This article, Law Library Offers Virtual Services (Cincinnati Business Journal 8/29/05) reports on some of the new, free computerized research services offered by the Cincinnati Law Library Association.  The services include computerized legal research by and a journal service, HeinOnline.  (as an aside, I’ve used Hein Online at the American University Pence Law Library…

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New Edmunston Solo Featured

This article, A Local Woman With A Plan (8/31/05) reports on former city attorney May Ann Karns new private practice in Edmund, Oklahoma complete with pink velvet armchair.  After serving as a fulltime city attorney for Edmund and Stillwater, another municipality, Karns’ will In Edmond, represent developers and residential clients in her private practice and…

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Blawg Review #21

Ah, the joy of being host of a Blawg Review during the last week of August which is a time of endings (summer) and beginnings (school).  So I’ve got a built in theme:  Endings, Beginnings and the Transitions and Crossings in Between.  I’ll list posts by theme but I’m going to be brief with links…

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Lawyers Can Be A Star and A Mom on Their Own

It’s always bittersweet when I read articles like this one,  Work Family Divide Keeps Numbers of Women Low, Rachel Osterman (8/20/05) about women attorneys leaving firms because they find them incompatible with raising a family.  Without sounding too much like John Roberts, I’m all in favor of attorneys – male or female – who choose…

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Breaking Up [A Law Firm] Is Hard to Do

For a couple formerly in love, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.  But for lawyers at a firm, who stuck together for the sake of money, breaking up is even more difficult as demonstrated by this article, Court Fight Pits Barnes Firm Versus Defecting Top Lawyer, Michael Beebe (8/28/05).  As the article reports, the split…

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Should Solos Blog – An Alternative View

I’m sure that no one’s surprised that I endorse blogging for solo and small firm lawyers, not as an end in itself but as part of an overall marketing portfolio, as I once wrote here.  At the same time, I believe that blogs don’t have to be time consuming if you don’t want them to…

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