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Cincinnati Law Library Adds New Benefits

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This article, Law Library Offers Virtual Services (Cincinnati Business Journal 8/29/05) reports on some of the new, free computerized research services offered by the Cincinnati Law Library Association.  The services include computerized legal research by and a journal service, HeinOnline.  (as an aside, I’ve used Hein Online at the American University Pence Law Library and it’s a fabulous tool for locating law review articles, including many that have been de-listed by LEXIS).

So why do we at MyShingle care about what a midwest law library has to offer?  Fastcase’s CEO Ed Walters said it best:

“The new offerings of the Cincinnati Law Library
Association will truly level the playing field, giving smaller firms
the kind of national, online access to the law that is usually reserved
only for the largest law firms.”

As I’ve said multiple times, access to affordable online legal research
is one of the most important and least expensive steps that the bar can
take to improve the quality of legal representation for all.

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