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Should Solos Blog – An Alternative View

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I’m sure that no one’s surprised that I endorse blogging for solo and small firm lawyers, not as an end in itself but as part of an overall marketing portfolio, as I once wrote here.  At the same time, I believe that blogs don’t have to be time consuming if you don’t want them to be and I’ve also described shortcuts to getting the benefits of blogs without the burdens.

Still, there are others who wonder whether small businesses (not small
firms per se) really benefit from blogs or whether they’re better off
directing their limited resources elsewhere – as articulated in this post from  (hat tip for the link and additional commentary at  Business Blog Consulting).  Author Jim Logan recommends the following marketing activities as an alternative to blogging:

* targeted direct mail sales letter
* referral programs
* sales promotions and incentives
* white papers
* targeted advertising
* joint ventures
* co-op marketing

Logan’s ideas may be worth pursuing.  But I see no reason why blogging and following these proposals can’t all be part of one great, big marketing package.

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