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Take A Vacation TO Marketing

Via this post at Arnie Herz’s  Legal Sanity comes a bunch of marketing ideas, including a link to this article (Boston Globe 8/21/05) about how to turn vacation into marketing opportunities.  Nothing stressful here that would spoil a vacation, but things you might do anyway such as striking up a conversation with people you meet,…

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One Singular Inspiration

I love reading about the good deeds of solo attorneys, both because it reflects well on our profession and inspires me to do better.  Here’s another case of a “lone lawyer” doing good, Park Slope attorney, Theo Davis, who’s the subject of this article, Keeping Faith in Troubled Times.  The piece reports on Davis’ plans…

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Next Time You Miss A Deadline, Why Not Change the Law?

Apparently, for well-connected law firms in Connecticut, there’s a far more potent tool than pedestrian legal malpractice insurance for addressing legal malpractice claims: personal legislation.  As this opinion piece describes, a Sylvia Kuehl retained a prominent Connecticut law firm to represent her interests in a wrongful death action after her husband was killed in a…

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Some New Networking Ideas

This article, Developing Businesses Takes Proper Networking, Stephen Melanson (August 18, 2005) offers some old standby ideas on networking as well as some new approaches. In the category of old standbys, there’s the usual advice on joining a chamber of commerce or a trade association.  As for a new idea, Melanson recommends starting your own…

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Law Biz Blog Recognized

My colleague Ed Poll’s BizLaw Blog has been selected as a favorite blog site by the Institute of Management Assistance.  Ed has redesigned his blog sometime during the past few months and it looks and reads very well – so visit it if you’re looking for ways to improve your own law biz.

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Don’t Overlook the Lowly Law School Library

With so many legal research tools available on line, most lawyers neglect the lowly law school library as a resource.  But in my view, there’s nothing as valuable for research as a good law library.  In the jurisdiction where I practice, American University Washington College of Law Pence Law Library tops my list as an…

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A Large Firm Can Be A Very Small Place When It Comes to Conflicts

This article, Less Conflicts, More Freedom (Connecticut Law Tribune, 8/22/05) describes the experience of two former Pepe & Hazard lawyers, Jennifer Cox and Jennifer Osweiki, who left a large firm to find greater freedom to build a health care practice.  The two lawyers, who’d been asked by Pepe to develop a health care practice found…

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Courageous Lawyers Are Solo

This article from New York Lawyer (August 19, 2005) tells us solos what we already know — that going solo takes versatility and courage — as well as something we don’t —  that the number of lawyers willing to risk hanging a shingle has dwindled.  (I took issue with this survey in this prior post). …

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Improve Energy, Increase Productivity with 5 Easy Feng Shui Tips

To increase the positive energy in your office space, and be more productive as a result, consider taking advantage of feng shui. This is the ancient art of aligning our external world to support our internal journey, explains Lorrie Webb Grillo, certified feng shui practitioner and owner of Thriving Spaces Feng Shui.