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A Reprise on Solo and Small Firm Bloggin

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In honor of Matt Homann’s and Dennis Kennedy’s upcoming Blawg Think, I’m reposting a link to the What Blogs Can Do For Solos and Small Firms that I designed and presented along with Jerry Lawson at the Maryland State Bar Association Solo Day Conference back in November 2003.  Though the presentation is coming up on two years, which is at least two generations in Internet-time, much of it is still fairly timely.  I’ve written a couple of other pieces on blogging for solos, It’s A Blog World After All (, October 2003) and Get Your Blog Rolling (GP Solo June 2005), but the online presentation is one of my favorites.  And I’ve never seen anything quite like it anywhere else.

To navigate the presentation, use the numbered menu items that appear above each post.  (Don’t use the sidebar which isn’t properly ordered).