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Making Real Money At A Virtual Firm

This article, Virtual Law Inc. reports on Hawaii shingler Greg Kim, a former biglaw partner who’s now practicing law with his way while still earing the same salary.  So how does Kim’s practice differ from the traditional law firm?  Here’s how: Instead of ranks of associates to do his bidding — and to rack up…

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Are You Stuck in A Rut?

In this article, Clearing the Cobwebs, (Meg Tebo, ABA Journal, October 2005), solos share some ideas on what they do to get unstuck.  Solutions include working the New York Times crossword puzzle, surfing the web, seeing a matinee and restarting the day by eating breakfast.  The last one sound odd, but Barbara Kessler, who recommends…

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Office a Go Go

From Jim Calloway comes this post, Office on the Go, which describes how lawyers can make their office transportable (no comment on whether this is always a good idea).  Jim recommends that if you can only have one machine, it should be a laptop.  And these days, laptops are inexpensive enough to justify.

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If Clients Can Grieve and Tell, Lawyers Should Be Able to Also

David Giacalone of f/k/a has this post about a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling reversing a gag rule on those who file ethics complaints against lawyers.  (more details from this Star Ledger article (10/20/05) here.)  Under the old rule, clients who filed grievances couldn’t discuss them publicly but now they can even though many of…

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Malpractice Insurance, Cheap

The new Practice blog has some good tips on purchasing malpractice insurance, with the best for lawyers who practice in California.  Apparently, there’s a malpractice insurance prgoram that starts at $500 a year.  That’s the cheapest quote I’ve every heard – and it’s great news for those just starting out.

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Face Time Still Matters

Quick tip from the Legal Marketing Blog: even in a high tech, remote access world, face time with clients still matters.

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Will the Yellow Pages Yellow With Age?

Here’s an interesting post from Lawyer Advertising Blog entitled Yellow Page Advertising for Lawyers:  Where Have All the Calls Gone? According to the post, lawyers are reporting decreased calls from Yellow Pages advertising but are afraid to cut their losses and lose their ad.  Other professionals have reported similar results.  The post identifies the reasons…

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A Marketing Blog to Follow

This blog, Duct Tape Marketing looks like a great addition for your daily feeds.  I especially like Jill Konrath’s channel, Selling to Big Companies.  Why?  Well, most resources for solos tell us ways to pick up individual clients or small businesses.  Nothing wrong with that, of course; I’m proud that we solo and small firm…

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