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Happy Birthday Solosez

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Long before solos were blogging and before it was cool to be solo, a band of ABA solos from the GP Solo Committee had a great idea:  why not start an online community.  Thus, as Meg Tebo (also a sezzer) reports in A Birthday to Celebrate (11/2005), Bruce Dorner and others joined forces to create a virtual law firm where the sun never setsSolosez.   From humble beginnings, the firm has grown to 1600 members strong, with 150 messages a day, ranging from substantive law to childrearing advice and requests for recipes (political discussion is limited).  Solosez even boasts an online introduction which lead to marriage.

I know that I frequently criticize the ABA, but Solosez is one of those things that the ABA (or more accurately, its members) get right.  True, I love blogging and my blogging buddies (many of whom I’m be seeing or meeting soon) – but my solosez colleagues (some of whom I’ve also met offline) have helped me out on my cases and with personal matters over and over again.  I’m just glad that the online world remains big enough for both.

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