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Tips for Working At Home

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Home Office Lawyer -Guru Grant Griffith shares these tips from  LifeHack on how to improve productivity working from home.  Tips include setting up a designated work area, setting a schedule and avoid volunteering for too many activities because people assume that when you work at home, you have more free time. Check out the post for more ideas.

Actually, one item missing from the list was figuring out how to keep from snacking all day long when you work from home.  Years ago, I asked a friend of mine if she’d like it if her husband, who put in long hours at a big law firm, could work at home.  I thought she’d say something like “Yes, but the firm won’t allow it” but instead, her response was: “No way, if [my husband] were at home, he’d be eating all day and be the size of a house.”  I guess that’s another, oft-overlooked hazard of working from home (and one which challenges me as well).

  • cjstevens

    Better late than never for my response. What I found was that I did a lot of running up and down the stairs for various reasons — to go get the mail, to get water, to modulate the radio volume, to let the meowing cat in or out., to stoke the stove. And my office doesn't have a convenient place to set food, nor a safe place where I won't have to do damage control if the coffee spills or the Hagen Daz drips. That and habituating myself to not snack at work subdues the snacking habit.

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