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Ohio Bar Won’t Allow Lawyers to Say They Offer Cut Rate Service

Via this post from Allison Shields as LegalEase is a link to this ABA e-report article (1/20/06) on the Ohio Bar’s disiplinary board’s recent ruling that ocupons for free or discounted legal services violate the Ohio Code.  The board found that coupons characterize a lawyer’s legal services as “discount” and thus, run afoul of commentary…

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Why Do Lawyers Have to Be Forced to Take CLE?

This article, Attorneys’ education is an ongoing process (Business Journal of Phoenix, 1/23/06) reports on Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in Arizona, which has been a required since 1989.  The article talks about the importance of CLE and the bar’s flexibility in allowing the requirements satisfied through a variety of differently priced options.  But I’d have…

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Tips for Working At Home

Home Office Lawyer -Guru Grant Griffith shares these tips from  LifeHack on how to improve productivity working from home.  Tips include setting up a designated work area, setting a schedule and avoid volunteering for too many activities because people assume that when you work at home, you have more free time. Check out the post…

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Ethics in Chat Rooms

Jon Stein posts a link to an article concerning the ethics of trolling for clients in online chat rooms under California law.  As you might expect, there are no clear cut answers; basically, you ability to ethically solicit clients in a chatroom depends upon the type of chatroom involved and whether participants have an expectation…

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A Culture of Unethical Conduct

This article, Did Barnes Firm Lawyer Tell the Whole Truth?, Michael Beebe, 1/22/06 reports on somewhat deceptive advertising by Thomas Goldstein, a lawyer with Cellino and Barnes, who advertised that he was uniquely qualified to handle Vioxx cases in light of his status as a former physician.  Trouble was, the ads didn’t explain why Goldstein…

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New Mexico Joins Casemaker

Casemaker, a free legal research service included in participating state bar membership fees is a trend we’ve been following for a long time.  As this article fom (1/20/06) reports, New Mexico is the 23d state to join the Casemaker consortium. New Mexico Bar joins legal research consortium, hich according to the article, now serves…

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MyShingle Website of the Week

Jim Calloway has generously named MyShingle as his website of the week, notwithstanding his perception that I sometimes have a negative view of bar associations.  I’d like to clarify.  Generally, I’ve lauded the bars for programs like these that help solo and small firm practice law.  Likewise, I’m a huge fan of the work that…

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Opinionistas Might Be Sexy, But GAL Is Real

The recent outing of formerly anonymous Opinionistas as biglaw associate Melissa Lafsky , close on the heels of the reveal of David Lat as Underneath Their Robes and Jeremy Blachman as Anonymous Lawyer has Orin Kerr wondering whether the trend of blogging anonymously and snagging a book deal might provide a a new career path…

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