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Kevin O’Keefe of  Lex Blog has a post on niche blogging, summarizing tips by Darren Rowse on choosing a niche topic.  The tips include selecting a topic that interests you, where there’s not yet much competition and which will offer enough content.  These tips are particularly important these days in starting a law related blog, where many of the larger subjects like federal appeals, Supreme Court, IP (too many to list) and others are well covered by other bloggers.

One great example of a new niche blog is Andrea Goldman’s newly created Home Contractor v. Homeowner, focusing on home improvement and construction law.  What a home run!  With housing pricing increasing, home improvement is becoming more and moe common and it’s an area where so many things can go wrong.  Legally, home improvement is interesting, allowing for coverage of a wide range of issues like like contracts and consumer law, bankruptcy and real estate.

By the way, here’s my own personal suggestion for selecting a niche
blogging topic.  After you come up with an idea, run a couple of google news
searches to see what kinds of articles generate.  If there are at least
two or three on your topic in a week, then you’ll probably have enough
content to keep you busy.