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Isn’t This A Great Compliment?

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Dan Hull highlights this great compliment from a client that came to him via Patrick Lamb.  “We don’t have their phone number, we have their DNA” is the compliment.   Though some of use might prefer a hefty monetary bonus  for excellent service, let’s not forget that this kind of endorsement (particularly one making its rounds on the blogs) is worth its weight in gold many times over with the referrals and future business that it will help generation.

  • I agree, great compliment! And one should never forget that this kind of advertising – or exposure (Internet, blogs etc.) is actually worth a lot these days. In fact, in many ways, it is taking over the traditional forms of getting exposure and having your service well rated and well known. Some people are even forming websites where you can rate the service of businesses. This is a great idea! Business owners are forced to register on the site if they want to be kept up to date with what people are saying with their business. Complaints can be posted on the site, and if you are a business owner who is registered, you get the complaint before it goes public and the details of the complainent so you can sort it out. Depends on your registration. Another choice is that it can go public, but you can post a ‘follow up’ publically so everyone can see the steps you took to rectify the customer. The customer can then rate the way you handled the situation.

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