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Solo Reported Missing

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A Texas solo is missing, according to this Texas Lawyer article (4/20/06), State Bar of Texas Steps in After Solo is Reported Missing.  According  to the article, 

Britt Hall, a Houston solo, has not been seen since Jan. 3, according to a private investigator who is searching for him. And State Bar officials say Hall has not been to his leased law office for months.  While those close to the 41-year-old lawyer are worried about him, some of his clients are angry.

The State bar disciplinary commission has now taken over Hall’s practice to protect his clients from any prejudice; it is not a disciplinary matter.

Some of Hall’s friends and colleagues expressed that while he was a
bright, capable lawyer, at times he seemed depressed.  Some fear for
the worst. 

Let us hope that Hall has not been a victim of foul play.  But even if
Hall has only voluntarily left town to escape the rigors of practice,
he’s brought himself irreparable harm.  I empathize of course, for it’s
so easy for solos to become overwhelmed by clients and the demands of
law practice.  And while I criticize the bar plenty, helping
overwhelmed lawyers is one area where the bars truly provide a
service.  Call a lawyers’ assistance committee of the bar if you feel
practice is bringing you down.  You can run from a troubling practice
temporarily, but eventually, it will catch up with you.

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