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Advice from Shinglers Across the Pond

Human Lawyer, a UK Blogger, posts about an article by Susan Singleton in this quarter’s issue of the Solicitors Sole Practitoners Group Quarterly Magazine that talks about how to save money off big legal publishers and stay current with developments in your field.”  The list includes these tips: * Subscribe to nothing unless there is…

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Happy 3rd Birthday Benefits Blog

Solo Janell Grenier celebrated her Third Blogoversary over at Benefits Blog and shares her impressive visitor stats, though not her secrets of how she’s managed to keep up her efforts for so long.  Benefits Blog’s popularity does not surprise me.  Even though I know nothing about "tax, benefits or ERISA," the subject of her blog,…

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Quality of Life Tips

The ABA GP Section just posted a list of quality of life resources that offer information on work-family balance, de-stressing and some silling “time wasters.”  In the three years that I’ve been blogging MyShingle, I’ve noticed a proliferation in work balance resources, but not much improvement on the part of lawyers to strike a better…

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60 Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes

Rob Robinson summarizes the list of 60 Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes from an ABA Techshow presentation.  I’ve used many of these tips with success (like niches with riches) and others, I know I should be using, like following up after speaking engagements or improving my Power Point skills.  Finally, some of the tips, like…

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New Zealand Lawyers Get the Gender Issues

Gender disparity at large firms is not unique to the US; our colleagues down under in New Zealand share these problems also, as reported in Flexible work practices avoid gender disparity (April 21, 2006); NZ Lawyer Issue 38.  According to the article, women comprise over a third of all law practitioners, but less than 20…

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Solo Reported Missing

A Texas solo is missing, according to this Texas Lawyer article (4/20/06), State Bar of Texas Steps in After Solo is Reported Missing.  According  to the article,  Britt Hall, a Houston solo, has not been seen since Jan. 3, according to a private investigator who is searching for him. And State Bar officials say Hall…

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More Reason to Jump on the Blogwagon Now

This article, Blogs Continue to Multiply reports that currently, there are 35.5 million blogs, 60-75 times more than were online just three years ago, with 75,000 new ones born daily.   In some ways, it seems like information overload – who could read so many blogs – but I still think the trend bodes well for…

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Marketing Lessons from Las Vegas

Readers, you may have noticed that MyShingle has been a little bare recently.  The low post volume was the result of a major matter that I just completed and also, a week away from the office in Las Vegas, both business (speaking at a conference) and pleasure (family spring break vacation).  Though the artificiality of…

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