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How to politely decline…and avoid a lawsuit

Recently, Allison Shields posted here on the benefits that lawyers can gain from hospitality, which is what excellent client service is all about.  But this article Thou Shalt Not… by Steven Lubet  (American Lawyer, 7/2006) got me to thinking that hospitality and just plain courtesy have other benefits as well:  they can spare you from…

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Legal Research & Writing Pro Sponsors FREE Webinar With Ed Poll

FREE Webinar on Business Competency for Lawyers I’ve mentioned Ed Poll, one of today’s preeminent law practice management experts and coaches, a number of times on MyShingle (most recently in a post about New York’s new proposed attorney advertising rules), and a number of his articles are included in our Online Guide to Creating a…

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Independence Day: The Solo’s Favorite Holiday

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY from MYSHINGLE! Ah, Indepedence Day, a solo’s favorite holiday.  After all, think of the parallels.  Just as England and King George taxed the colonists without allowing them a say in government and stifled individual speech and religion, so too, law firms dominate young lawyers, sapping their creativity and amassig huge profits on…

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The Paradox of Client Service

There are a number of blogs like Dan Hull’s What About Clients? and In Search of Perfect Client Service that provide excellent advice on how to serve clients.  At the same time, for some lawyers, particularly new solos, serving clients isn’t as much of a problem as figuring out how to avoid falling into what…

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