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Client Service and More on Niches

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I realize that my posts have been sparse over the past month.   The slow postings are explained by a couple of factors: my day job as a practicing solo has been fairly busy lately, a project that I’m close to finishing that I believe will greatly benefit MyShingle readers and my divided loyalties now that I’m blogging with Bob Ambrogi at Legal Blog Watch (I’m also on a partial  vacation at the beach right now)

So, even though I’m not able to write a stand alone post, let me refer you to recent Legal Blogwatch posts of interest to MyShingle readers.  First, if you want to learn more about the importance of client service and how to integrate client service into your practice, take a look at this post, Serve Your Legal Career by Serving Your Clients.  And for more on ways that finding a niche can help build your practice (which I’ve posted on previously here and here), see my post on Advice for Law Firms Who Want to Be Something to Everybody.

I’ll be back with more regular postings by the end of the month for sure.  In the meantime, I welcome guest posts from other solos about your experience, advice you want to share – or from other lawyers about your perception of solo and small firm lawyers.  Just drop me an email at

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