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You Be Trendy, I’d Rather Run My Shingle

I guess when you’ve been blogging as long as I have (four years  next month), it’s inevitable that someone will criticize aspects of your blog (such as its name, MyShingle) as so last millenium.  Which is fine, because while I sometimes blog about solo trends and the coolness factor of solo practice, truth is, trends…

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How to Hang A Shingle in Maryland – Nov. 11 Conference

The Maryland State Bar Association is sponsoring its 8th Annual Conference on Hanging A Shingle, November 11, 2006 at the BWI Marriott in Maryland.  The Saturday only component of the conference is $145 for non-MBSA members, which includes a full day of panels as well as breakfast and lunch, course materials and access to podcasts.…

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Make More With Flat Fees

Here’s a story from Small Business (10/25/06) on how one Portland, Oregon law firm, Ambrose Law Group bolstered its revenues by a whopping 85 percent, after participating in Fortune Small Business’ Money Makeover Program and converting from the billable hour to flat fee arrangements.  From the article: “Flat-fee billing is better for clients and…

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Oh, If We Could Get Clients to Pay To Do Their Own Work

One of the legacies of the first conference that I attended over a year ago is that I’m still reading other women’s blogs that I’d have never encountered but for the conference.  And it’s through one of those blogs that I learned about a franchise called Dinner My Way where you pay to cook your…

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News From the Home Front

One of the best parts of being a shingler is that you can choose where you want to work.  And for many who start a firm, that means home.  Recently, there’s been a spate of posts on working at home, including this guest post by Greatest American Lawyer at Grant Griffiths’ Home Office Lawyer, various…

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Sabrina Pacifici To Speak At DC Bar Event

As a member of the DC Bar’s Law Practice Management Steering Committee, I wanted to post about our section’s next event, a brown bag lunch on FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 2006, (noon to 2 pm) featuring Sabrina Pacifici.  Ms. Pacifici created and publishes LLRX, the amazing, decade old, online journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT…

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Lawyers: Do You Eat Your Own Dogfood?

My husband recently started a new position at a technology company that, like many others, eats its own dogfood, i.e., it uses the product that it makes.  For lawyers, our dogfood is our advice to our clients.  But how many lawyers “eat own dogfood” when we draft retainer agreements for our clients? This article, NY…

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Calling All DC Law Bloggers – Need a Good Specimen!

Hey all of you DC law bloggers.  I’m putting together an event for the Bar’s Law Practice Management Section on Blogs and Podcasts: Tools for Generating Clients, Money and Legal Stardom (or something like that).  I’m looking for some good bloggers to serve on a panel and tell how blogging has changed your career, brought…

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