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Sabrina Pacifici To Speak At DC Bar Event

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As a member of the DC Bar’s Law Practice Management Steering Committee, I wanted to post about our section’s next event, a brown bag lunch on FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 2006, (noon to 2 pm) featuring Sabrina Pacifici.  Ms. Pacifici created and publishes LLRX, the amazing, decade old, online journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT information, as well as the popular weblog, Be Spacific.  Ms. Pacifici will be speaking on "Finding Information Efficiently and Cost-Effectively:  Legal Research Management Issues and Solutions."  The event will be held at the DC Bar Headquarters, 1250 H Street, NW.  To register, please fill out the registration form that’s attached here (Registration.pdf).

This event is a terrific, cost effective ($25 for non-section members, $15 for section members) way to learn about all of the research available on line, and how you can use online resources to minimize the cost of costly commercial services.  Don’t miss it!

Check the registration form for additional details.   

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