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Small Firms Drawing Big Attention from Big Clients

Are clients and power shifting from large firms to small firms?  If the recent slew of blog posts on this topic are any evidence, it seems that smaller firms are gaining a bigger voice – and a bigger cut of big corporation business.   Consider this evidence: From Justin Patten I learned about this post from…

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Outsourcing: It’s Not Just for Biglaw

As I’ve posted once before, solos and small firms have as much to benefit from outsourcing as  large firms.  Yet, I still know many solos who file their own papers at the court instead of using a messenger service or spend time on administrative tasks they dislike instead of bringing someone in who can do…

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Do We Really Need OLM (OnLine Marketing) With Blogs?

This article, The Future of Client Acquisition, Ed Collar (October 6, 2006) extolls the virtues of OLM – online legal match services.  Trouble is, the article is probably 5 years out of date.  In my view, opportunity for legal match services has already come and gone, replaced instead by more sophisticated technology users who can…

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Million Dollar Award for Solo Co-Counsel

The Law Office of Ruth Ann Azeredo The Law Office of Ruth Ann Azeredo with Co-counsel Brian P. Daniels of Brenner, Saltzman and Wallman  Brenner, Saltzman and Wallman LLP, represented John F. Lawrence, respondent, counterclaimant and third party claimant in an NASD arbitration where the claimant and third party respondents were Wilder Richman Securities Corporation…

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