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My Shingle Turns 4 (slightly revised as of 12/7/06)

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In honor of MyShingle’s 4th anniversary, here’s a gift for readers.  First, my original Welcome Message which I retrieved from the Wayback Machine since I still haven’t successfully uploaded my pre-Typepad files (I still long for the days of slash).  And here’s a look perhaps into MyShingle of the future:

  • The video is awesome I love it! Make more!
    Happy Birthday MyShingle, and I hope there are many, many more to come!

  • I remember when MyShingle first went live. Though I’m a bit of a tech-geek I didn’t understand the concept of a blog, and was a little intimidated by it. Slash seemed bizarre to me, and I was convinced it was not something I’d ever try. But I started reading, and kept reading. Now, all these years later, Carolyn has inspired me to blog on multiple fronts – for my firm, for my practice management ideas, and soon for some other niche ideas I’m working on.
    Carolyn, thanks for your inspiration. And keep on blogging!

  • Like the video. Happy birthday. I might have to go buy a cake and eat it in celebration of this moment.

  • Carolyn, once again you are on the cutting edge! The video is genius – sometimes even lawyers get tired of reading.
    I did not realize that MyShingle was only 4 years old. It is so seasoned, and full of great advice, inspiration and links to valuable information.
    I was thrust into solo practice as a result of some tragic personal events. I was a top “ten % of top ten law school” attorney who believed that BigLaw was my only true alternative. I thank God that I have learned that solo practice is a wonderful opportunity that gives you more control over the direction of your practice, and thus, your life. I stumbled onto MyShingle a couple of years ago and you have helped me realize the dignity of this choice of practice. After all, my childhood inspiration, Perry Mason, was a solo!
    Happy 4th Birthday MyShingle! You are just entering “preschool” and have only just begun!

  • Carolyn,
    Congratulations on turning 4 years old! I hope my three year old is as acocmplished when he turns four! (Only kidding). Everyone, and I mean everyone, I know reads your blog, including my editor at the Connecticut Law Tribune. MyShingle is a brand unto itself. You are the original. Remember when some marketing genius tried to improve on the original Coca-cola??? I think he’s sweeping the streets now.
    Once, again, congratulations.

  • Hi – the video blog is fun, though the camera movement is a little distracting. Congrats on 4 years.

  • Hi Carolyn-
    Long time listener, first time commenter. The video post was great! Brilliant. I’m just wonder how much bandwidth such a thing takes up, or if that is even a consideration.
    Best of luck for another four years! Who knows where technology will take us by then.

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