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Archive for December 2006

Calling All Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Nearing Retirement

For those who aren’t aware, I’m currently finishing up a book on solo and small firm related matters.  But my publisher is also at work on a terrific guide to retirement for solo and small firm lawyers.  He’s looking for lawyers in their 40s, 50s and 60s for a questionaire to find out how they’ve…

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My Shingle Turns 4 (slightly revised as of 12/7/06)

In honor of MyShingle’s 4th anniversary, here’s a gift for readers.  First, my original Welcome Message which I retrieved from the Wayback Machine since I still haven’t successfully uploaded my pre-Typepad files (I still long for the days of slash).  And here’s a look perhaps into MyShingle of the future:

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Good Tip From A New Solo Blogger

There’s a new solo blogger on the block – Susan Cartier-Liebel and today, she offers a simple, but important tip – don’t quit if you want your practice to succeed.

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