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Can Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Anchor Social Movements? We Already Do.

Professor Alan Childress of Legal Profession Blog emailed me a link to his post on an article by Brenda Bratton Blom entitled Cause Lawyering and Social Movements: Can Solo and Small Firm Practitioners Anchor Social Movements? My answer to the question posed by Blom’s title is that solo and small firm practitioners by our very…

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Will Video Kill the Blogging Stars?

I always loved this song, Video Killed the Radio Star.  But I never thought I might be witness a paraphrased version of it someday. Specifically, is video going to kill the “blogging stars” – and maybe even the “lawyer stars?” Consider this trend.  Lawyer bloggers  Imke Ratchko of  New York Small Business Law and Nicole…

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Good News for Solo and Small Firm Estates Lawyers?

It’s not clear whether it’s too soon to call this a trend, but Joel Schoenmeyer at the Death and Taxes blog notes that at least one large firm, Chicago-based Sonnenschein has decided to get rid of its estates group.  Shoenmeyer writes: I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see other big law firms start to…

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Real Life Marketing Lessons

I come from a long tradition of hands on learning.  Back when I was around 8 years old, my dad, who’s a chemist, would let my younger sisters and I loose in his lab on the weekend, where, unsupervised, we’d mix up solutions with “HCl” (hydrochloric acid), phenolthaline and other chemicals and watching them turn…

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Another Useful Solo Blog

Jay Fleischman, a New York consumer bankruptcy lawyer with a bankruptcy and consumer law blog.  But he also publishes BankruptcyPractice Pro.  And don’t be deceived by the name – Bankruptcy Practice Pro has great technology, marketing and practice tips that work for all lawyers.  And like my buddy Chuck Newton, Jay is also a "third…

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DC Bar Blogging Event – January 23, 2007

I just wanted to announce one more time that I am organizing and moderating a DC Bar Law Practice Management event on Blogging for Lawyers:  How Practicing Lawyers Are Using Blogs to Find Clients, Fortune and Fame and How You Can Too!  The panel will feature three top bloggers from different firm backgrounds:  Marc Mayerson,…

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XE Factor: Cultivating WorkLife Synergy FREE 90-Minute Teleseminar January 23

XE Factor: Cultivating WorkLife Synergy FREE 90-Minute Teleseminar January 23 It is widely reported that many lawyers are not as happy in their careers and lives as they would like to be. The good news is that any practitioner experiencing–or on the edge of–career burnout has the power to change direction now and chart a…

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A Solo View on Stimson’s Message to Biglaw

Over at my beat at Legal Blog Watch, I posted my opinion on Assistant Deputy Secretary Cully Stimson’s suggestion that corporate clients reconsider their relationship with large firms who represent Guantanamo detainees.  I’m posting some other thoughts here at MyShingle, more from a solo’s perspective. Stimson’s comments have drawn criticism from dozens of bloggers, as…

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