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GAL – I Knew Him When….And So Did Many Others

Finally, Enrico Schaefer has revealed himself as the Greatest American Lawyer.  I’ve known Enrico for a while now, ever since he sent me an email in the early days of My Shingle before he launched his successful law firm and blog.  And in April 2005, I met Enrico at the first LexThink conference and had…

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Take 4 Minutes for Web 2.0

My good friend Lisa Solomon posted a link on one of my listserves to this amazing video that explains the history of Web 2.0.  Take 4 minutes and to get inspired by 2 – Web 2.0, that is:

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No, I Don’t Hate Biglaw If It’s A Passion

Quite often, when I compliment when of my daughters on something she’s done well, the other will chime in “But mommy, aren’t I good at that too?”  My response, of course, is that praising one of my girls doesn’t diminish how I feel about the other. More frequently these days, I find myself in this…

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Women Not Just Leaving Biglaw for Babies, But For More Opportunity

Susan Cartier Liebel posts about how Gen Y women are saying no to biglaw because it doesn’t afford the kind of work life balance they demand.  I’ve posted on and written about this theme before, as well.  But what I don’t think I’ve emphasized sufficiently is that for women, starting a firm isn’t just a…

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Whose Blog Is It Anyway?

My blogging buddy, Chuck Newton recently posted on the latest  brawl between Greatest American Lawyer and his former firm.  Seems that GAL’s firm is suing him a second time, this time for rights to GAL’s blogs, which the firm claims it would have developed itself. Newton doesn’t think the firm’s suit against GAL will fly,…

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Biglaw Associates Find Happiness in Solo Practice

Via Stephanie West Allen, I learned about this article, Who Says Being A Lawyer Has to Suck? from a recent issue of San Francisco Magazine.  The article describes how Gen Y lawyers are making “lawyering something that doesn’t bore everyone to death at a party?”  And guess how they’re doing it?   By starting their own…

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.