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The Asking Bird Catches the Worm, er, Client

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I’m not sure how I overlooked this gem that Dan Hull of What About Clients which asks why are lawyers so shy when it comes to asking for work.  In Hull’s experience, his pitch to clients, which concludes with “we’d love to work with you.  How can I win or earn your business” typically wins raves because it’s refreshing and direct.

Hull  concludes:

Is the careful, rational, polite, risk-averse “lawyer personality” to blame? I have no idea…..but I do know that business clients–whether or not they buy the image of the fire-breathing lawyer-AlphaHuman they see on television–expect lawyers to have the business instincts and the stones to ask for the work. So ask. Practice first if you must. Get a pitch and a strategy for each meeting. Don’t wait until 30 minutes goes by or the table is cleared. Ask.

That’s great advice, because after all, the worst the client can do is say no.

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