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Do Ethics Committees Pick On Solos? Yes, yes and yes!

Back in February 2003, when MyShingle was still in its infancy, I wrote this blockbuster post, entitled The Bar’s Dirty Little Not So Secret Secret, which offers some powerful evidence to demonstrate that solo and small firm lawyers are the targets of disciplinary actions far more than our large firm counterparts. Apparently, the disparity between…

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Been on Vacation — and Off the Grid!

Sorry for the silence here at My Shingle – I’ve been on a long awaited vacation this week (and here’s the proof!). I know that many bloggers often leave a stock of blog posts to auto-post while they’re away, but I prefer real time postings (anything else is too much like a newspaper article to…

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Are Women Fighting for Equality At Biglaw Behind the Times?

I was looking through some of these relatively new books on getting ahead in business and entrepreneurship that Marci Alboher reviewed in her Careers Column for the NY Times. (If you recall, I reviewed Marci’s book, One Person, Multiple Careers back here in February). What struck me about these three books – Anti 9 to…

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Inspired Solo Announces New Blawg Service

My colleague Sheryl Sisk Schelin at The Inspired Solo blog (which has a great new look; I’m in the process of a facelift here at MyShingle as well) just announced a new venture: her Blawg in a Box package that helps busy solos get started on the road to blogging. Check out the new service…

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Want to Threaten Big Law? Work in the Cloud

Small firms have never been better positioned to threaten big law and you can thank the cloud.