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Last Lecture

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By now, this story and video of Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch’s inspiring and moving talk has made its way around the blogosphere, appearing at a number of law blogs, including this extensive coverage at Sheryl Schelin’s Inspired Solo. Pausch, a computer science professor is dying of pancreatic cancer and with three to six months to live, speaks about living his childhood dreams and other lessons of life in what’s been billed as his “last lecture.” I can’t say much more about this lecture now, except that you should take the time to watch at least part of it.

  • Something about Pausch clearly resonates with a lot of people – myself included. Thanks for spreading it further, Carolyn; it’s something everyone can benefit from watching, to some degree.

  • Ian

    His speech is the purist form of motivation I’ve ever seen. I have now give up video games after wasting 10 years of my life and have gone back to learning things needed way over due in my field. This guy rocked my world with his words of wisdom.

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