Reid Trautz to Give His “50 Top Tips” to DC Bar…Though the DC Bar Makes It impossible for People to Hear About It!

On Friday, September 21, 2007, former DC Bar law practice management expert and nationally acclaimed speaker Reid Trautz will be presenting a newly revised version of the perennial favorite,
50 Hot Technology Tips, Tricks & Web Sites for Lawyers
. Ordinarily, you’d have to pay several hundred dollars to sign up for an ABA conference to hear this presentation, but the DC Bar’s Law Practice Management Section (I’m an elected member of the LPM Steering Committee) is sponsoring this program as part of our Brown Bag lunch series for just $25 for section (and co-sponsoring section) members and $35 for section members.

Now, if you’re a member of the DC Bar, you’re probably wondering why the heck you need to learn about this event at My Shingle. Well, there’s a reason for that. You see, the DC Bar is probably one of the only bar associations in the country that does not have any kind of a list serve which would otherwise serve as a source of information for events. And the DC Bar will only send an email about an event to a co-sponsoring section, which means that if you don’t belong to a specific DC Bar section or your section chooses not to co-sponsor the event, you’ll never learn about it unless you frequent the DC Bar’s website. (We can’t offer this section by teleconference, which would enable even more people to benefit from the talk, but that’s a completely different matter that I’m working on changing)

Anyway, you are all fortunate to be reading my site, so sign up for the event and meet and hear Reid Trautz. The event information is below the jump – and you can sign up at the DC Bar website or by calling the Sections Office at the number below:

Start: September 21, 2007 Friday 12:00 PM
End: September 21, 2007 Friday 1:30 PM
District of Columbia Bar Law Practice Management Section
Intellectual Property Law Section
Antitrust and Consumer Law Section
Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Section
Present a Brown Bag Program
A newly-revised version of a perennial favorite! This fast-paced program will cover:
*The latest in law office communications, connectivity, and portability;
*Websites that can really help with legal and factual research, and practice information;
*Practicing safe computing, including e-mail security and confidentiality;
*Simple desktop tips and strategies to power your practice;
*What is available (and good) for calendaring, billing, accounting, and financial reporting; and
*Anything else worthwhile about law office technology we can cram into 75 minutes!!
D.C. Bar Conference Center
1250 H Street NW, B-1 Level
(Metro Center)
Washington DC 20005
Sections Office 202-626-3463
Reid F Trautz, Legal Technologist/Practice Management Advisor
CLE Credit
Law Students $15.00
Intellectual Property Law Section $25.00
Antitrust and Consumer Law Section $25.00
Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Section $25.00
Law Practice Management Section $25.00
Non-Section Members $35.00