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Interested in Being A Legal Research and Writing Contract Attorney? Look No Further….

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Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of sharing the podium with national legal research and writing contract attorney expert, Lisa Solomon, where we presented a program on contract lawyering from the persepective of both the hiring attorney and the contract attorney. The hour long program, which is now available for purchase here, discusses these critical questions:

* What kinds of projects do contract lawyers typically work on?
* How can you find a contract lawyer position?
* Can you really sustain a career as a contract lawyer?
* What are the drawbacks of working as a contract lawyer?
* What ethical issues arise in the contract lawyering relationship, and how are those resolved?
* Should a contract lawyer obtain her own malpractice insurance?
* How can U.S.-based contract lawyers compete with legal offshoring services?

And while you’re at the Legal Research and Writing Pro site, be sure to check out the other programs that Lisa offers for lawyers who are considering a legal research and writing practice.

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